Outline of Courses

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course provides a learning program of electrical and electronic engineering. Students are able to learn and acquire comprehensive knowledge from the fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering such as electromagnetic theory and circuit theory through practical application to electrical machines, power converters, and large integrated systems. The program will cultivate ability of students and nurture engineers with broad perspective, adaptability, and creativity to change public infrastructure for future society.

Electronic and Communication Engineering Course

Electronic and Communication Engineering Course provides a systematic program to learn electronics and communication technology. Students are able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from mathematics and physics to systems. They also learn design of system LSIs (large scale integrated circuits) and transmission/network systems. The program will nurture engineers with high expertise in the field of information and communication systems.

Computer Engineering Course

Computer Engineering Course provides a learning program of computer science and information technology. Students are able to learn and acquire comprehensive knowledge of computer science from computer hardware and software to design of practical information processing systems. The program also provides classes and laboratory courses to learn basics of electrical engineering and electronics to train engineers to have extensive skills of system configuration for advanced information society.

Courses and Keywords

Courses Keywords
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course electromagnetics, circuit theory, electronic property/device, electrical/electronic material, optoelectronics, electronic circuit, measurement, control, signal processing, electrical energy generation, new energy technology, electromagnetic energy conversion, electric machinery and apparatus, power electronics, superconductivity, plasma engineering, electrical power system, system engineering, industrial application system, transportation system, manufacturing system, communication system, numerical analysis, computer-aided design
Electronic Communication Engineering Course integrated circuit engineering, optoelectronics, functional electronic material, electronic property, electronic device, superlattice device, laser, functional element, sensor device, display device, superconducting electronics, plasma electronics, device/integral circuit design, system analysis/configuration, large-scale integrated circuit design, system LSI, communication network, image/sound processing, satellite communication, mobile communication, optical communication, micro wave/optical circuit design, optical information processing
Computer Engineering Course algorithm theory, Internet, operating system, compiler, computer architecture, computer graphics, system LSI, security, foundation of software, software engineering, database, neural network, pattern recognition, human interface, programming language, multi agent, multimedia, natural language processing, robotics, machine learning theory, data mining, information network, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, parallel/distributed/cooperative processing